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Hallowed Homestead

Lavender Whipped Tallow

Lavender Whipped Tallow

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Our whipped tallow balm is made from beef tallow, sourced exclusively from our pasture-raised cattle on our family farm. Tallow is a rich source of fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A, D, E, and K giving your skin all it needs to rejuvenate and deeply moisturize. Great to maintain healthy skin while also revitalizing different skin types such as: rash, acne, minor scrapes, dry/cracked, eczema, sunburn, psoriasis, tattoos

Available in two sizes: 4oz and 2oz glass jars. 

Ingredients: GlenDor Farm Beef Tallow, Organic Olive Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

Heat Exposure

*Whipped Tallow can change in texture if it is exposed to heat. Be aware of this when it comes to shipping in hotter months and climate areas. This product will not "go bad" in the heat but may change the texture of the "whip". Heat causes the air to flatten out in the balm but it can easily be whipped again at home to bring back the original texture! 


Even natural ingredients can sometimes cause skin reactions in some individuals, test in a small patch of skin before use. If a skin reaction occurs discontinue use immediately. 

Statements made about the product have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please contact your healthcare provider if you have concerns about any ingredients in our products, including any allergies. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sarah F.
I was shocked!

After coming off birth control (being on it for over a decade), my skin freaked out. Not ever having dealt with acne before, I wasn't sure where to start. After weeks of trying high priced skin treatments from the store with ingredients I couldn't even pronounce, I tried HH's whipped tallow. In less than TWO WEEKS, my skin was back to normal! I love what this product does for my skin, but I also love the Lavender scent as well! Highly recommend!

Wow! Skin is CLEAR!

Hallowed Homestead’s whipped tallow is by far the softest moisturizer I have ever used! I was skeptical to use it on my face because… yanno… beef fat… but after just about 2 weeks of use I looked into the mirror and was shocked to see that my deep, clogged pores (ew!) were all cleared up! I have tried to solve this issue for many years with no success, so to see what the tallow accomplished without expecting it was such an amazing surprise. What I thought would be a nice daily moisturizer turned into a shockingly GREAT skincare product! I have already stocked up on more!

Eliza Burkholder
Amazing product

I struggle with dry hands in the winter especially- working as a nurse and sanitizing often, and working outside on the farm with garden/animals etc. When I notice my hands getting a bit dry and irritated, it only takes a bit of whipped tallow and they are restored. I really like the light lavender scent- it’s nice without being overpowering.

Myron Blosser

I started using this body butter on my hands this winter and it is AMAZING! Each night and often throughout the day while at work, I rub a small amount into my hands and I am experiencing relief of dry hands! I highly recommend this product!

Shelby Showalter
Love love love

I purchased the unscented whipped tallow about a month ago now and let me tell you, I absolutely love it. It makes my skin incredibly soft and am definitely a believer in it. I use it on my hands and face every single day. We even used some on my daughter’s hands after they got red/chapped from the winter months and it healed them. Will 100% be purchasing again.