Our Story

In 2014 when we took over the family farm, it became a dream to provide quality beef to our local community while also minimizing our reliance on the commercial cattle market to maintain the 4th generation on the farm. While we had seen this dream come to fruition in 2023, we still had the nagging thought that we could do more to better steward the land and animals God has seeded into our domain, mainly in the form of minimizing waste and promoting a clean lifestyle that we can share with others!

We are now using more out of each beef steer we raise by minimizing waste and turning the offal into various products by finding new (old/ancestorial) uses for them. One of which is our new whipped tallow balms and cold pressed tallow soaps. We have fallen in love with the clean usefulness of tallow. Allowing us to help heal our skin and our homes with chemical free daily products, one step at a time in this journey of getting back to God and Grandma's way of "clean living".